Trout Fishing

The Trout fishing is "fly only" in our main one acre lake. This has been constructed with raised banks and is accessed up a set of steps or the grass banks themselves. The raised level can be helpful to the novice fly caster to whom we are always pleased to provide casting instruction, but please do phone and arrange this requirement in advance.

The lake is naturally inhabited with nymph and shrimp life and imitating these insects has always proven successful. Buzzers and small black dry flies work well on their day and frequent hatching of Sedge and tiny White Moths in the summer are to be found.

We stock with Rainbow Trout from 0.5Kg with a population of over wintered fish to be found each year. April to June are the most productive months with July and August being more challenging.
Increasingly high water temperature and a good crop of Elodea which while keeping the water crystal clear can restrict fishing to surface only.
September usually brings the return of lower temperatures and the fish liven up again for the rest of the autumn.

Our "catch and release" policy is that barbless flies must be used and the trout kept in the water while removing the fly; the fish must be fully revived before releasing.

For those anglers wanting to take their catch we offer a reduced price ticket on the basis that all fish caught are paid for by their weight at the end of the fishing session.

Views of the trout lake

We offer 5 hour sessions which can be used any time during our open hours of 08:00 and 20:00 or dusk if earlier.
We require all anglers to leave before dark.

Open 1st April to 30th September.
Winter fishing by arrangement.


Trout Fishing Rates:

5 hour £10 Plus trout caught at £7.50 / Kg

Catch & Release:
5 hour £20

Tackle Hire £5 (Fly Rod, Net, Fly Box, Line Dressing)